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[IC] Subconscious New/Continuations


[OOC] Class Schedule!

7-10 pm



Basically, I won't be around during Aussie hour anymore, I'm not sure how bad my workload is gonna be either (but bad). Calling a semi-hiatus for my characters until I'm used to it.



So Hayate's job in canon is that he delivers things to other people! He's your personal mailboy! I thought this would be great to play out in camp, so comment here if you want Hayate to deliver things to other characters and I'll put up a post as soon as I get enough requests.

How to put a request in -

To Recipient
Any messages/notes

[IC] Pre-intro... something.

Can you feel it? There's something blocking us from the outside.

[OOC] Canon blatherrrrrrrrrrr

This is just for me to talk/discuss some of the concepts behind the Pretear manga!

White DestinyCollapse )


[OOC] Stats/Permissions

Age: Unknown, physically looks about 18-19
Height: er. Tall?
Weight: Slightly on the skinny side
Medical Info: He may physically have all the things that humans need to survive, but he's not human. Also, despite the fact that most of his icons show a pony tail, he doesn't have one anymore!!
Blood type: A
Eyes: Blue (the colour of the deep sky, according to the manga).
Hair: Black
Physical traits: Outwardly, looks completely normal and pretty. But he's the physical manifestation of wind.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! He'll just tsun.
Abilities: Hayate can use wind to do almost anything. (make barriers, teleport, levitation, etc). However, if he uses too much of it, he can exhaust himself completely out of existence.
Notes for the Psychics: Deep in Hayate's heart is the guilty of using Takako's feelings and turning her into Saihi, the Princess of Disaster, which also led to the death of the Leafe Knights! (Mannen, Hajime and Shin). He's gotten over it somewhat, but he's still not comfortable talking or being open about it.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes. Talk to me, but yes.
Can I kiss/makeout/etc: ALWAYS. ALWAYS.
Maim/Murder/Death: Tallllllk first.
Cooking: Er. I dunno. PROBABLY?
Other: He likes to go on far places on bikes and motorcycles. His favourite things to drink is coffee (with just a little milk)


[OOC] Wow guys, Wow.

Character: Hayate
Series: Pretear
Character Age: unknown, looks to be physically 18

Canon: Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Awayuki Himeno who was born into poverty, but through good luck (and her father's good looks), she was able to live like a princess. However, the kind of place she lived in wasn't warm with familial joy. Disappointed, she often spent time away from home and ran into seven mysterious strangers who called themselves the Leafe Knights, destined to protect the world from destruction. And the only person who could help them achieve that was Captain Planet the Pretear - Himeno. Her fairytale was just beginning.

One of Himeno's protectors and the Leafe Knight of Wind is Hayate. Stern, blunt and extremely insensitive, Hayate has a tendency to talk first and then realize the consequences about a second later. He's deeply invested in his duty and his ability to succeed ... on his own at any cost to himself. Yet, despite his brutish mannerisms, Hayate cares deeply for his comrades and always looks towards their continued safety and happiness to the point of sacrificing his own. Easily flustered and irritable, Hayate still has a long way to go before he can master basic human communication and understanding skills.

Sample Post:

What a mess.

I knew that some people have no consideration for the environment, but this level of degradation surprised me. It's a wonder you all can survive in this kind of atmosphere. Of course, that's a joke. You all look like you're about to die. I wish I could muster up sympathy for your predicament, but you had it coming. Serves you right to treat nature like your own private backyard, to do as you wish. I'm highly tempted to leave and let you all rot, but I am a Leafe Knight and while you deserve your fate, this place deserves a second chance to recover and grow, to return to the circle of life. And for that reason only, I will help you after I finish delivering these packages. Count yourselves lucky. However, if you try my patience, I'll just dump you on top the nearest tree without your clothes. No, that is not a come-on, don't you people have any decency?! Hmph, honestly, perhaps my expectations are too high for you people to accomplish anything. You should be glad my job allowed me to cross paths with you. Otherwise, who knows how long you would have rolled around in this ... I can't even find the appropriate words for it.

Whatever, right now, I have a job to do and that takes priority. After all, it's not easy, trying to live in the human world. Sometimes, I wonder if they'll substitute money for blood in the near future, with the way they cling onto it. It's sad that I can believe that after looking at you people. You all seem to have given up real food for brains, but see what it does to your constitution! Who the hell taught you that brains was the only meal for you?! Not only is it impossible for you to get any in your current state, it's probably wasted on you all! Argh, it annoys me just thinking about it! Ugh, now I feel emotionally invested in you gullible idiots. I knew I was spending too much time here, it's like being infected... W-What's with those expressions? Is that guilt? ... Why should I care if you're guilty?! D-Don't assume I care that much about you!! And stop snickering or your jaw will fall off!! Tch, what ridiculous notions you seem to have about me. I'm just going to deliver my package and ignore you! And I can't do that if you're laughing.

A-Anyway, I better deliver these before I get sidetracked once more. To the family of Too Cans, your order of Psych-up birdseed has arrived. Please come and collect it physically and at least try to sign the order. Even a claw mark will do. It may not mean much to you, but it means something to my employers. For Mrs Mauve Ape, your catalogue of "perfumes for the fur" is here along with a free trial scent. Do everyone a favour and try it a distance away, then do yourself a favour and give up on a lost cause. And lastly, I have a letter for Madam Marcy of the Far Ceefud Region. It seems that your subscription at Erotitacle has been cancelled since the company has gone bankrupt... Good riddance too. Ah, wait, there's a footnote at the end of the letter. It says, "Please enjoy our parting gift." Odd... the letter was the only item they sent... Looks like you were cheated, Marcy. Too bad--W... What is with that gleam in your eye?

((In with 50 in and 4 out!))